March 9, 2022

#1 Opening Address by Visalakshi Chandramouli, Managing Partner, Tata Capital Healthcare Fund

“The IVCA Conclave is designed to be an ideal environment for the exchange of ideas, exploring business opportunities, securing a long-term source of capital, and networking . “
Visalakshi Chandramouli

#2 Panel Discussion: Emerging Trends in LP Allocations

“We are looking at some of the areas which are raising the productivity of the economy so that they can support a decent standard of living for all and help transform the economy by reducing emissions and protecting the environment”
Craig Gifford

#3 Keynote Address

“Big energy coming from the startups. They are the companies of the future, and this is the movement that will take India towards the top of the world. PM Gatishkati will make planning better, and implementation faster”
Shri Anurag Jain

#4 Presentation: Stride Ventures – India Venture Debt Report 2022

“Use cases of venture debt are primarily working capital management, acquisition financing, receivable financing, runway extension, capital and project financing”
Apoorva Sharma

#5 Panel Discussion: Asset Monetization Pipeline: Assessing the Progress, Opportunities and Issues

“The Government is now looking at a comprehensive effort plus understanding that scale is important for investor interest. For India, any infrastructural interest is a good opportunity. But we need an independent regulator”
Ami Momaya

#6 Alternatives in 2022: PEVC in Focus. By Preqin

“Despite projections of slower GDP growth and regulatory uncertainties in markets such as China, we see abundant opportunities elsewhere in the Asia Pacific”
Shifra Ansonoff

#7 Panel Discussion: Building the world from India – Open Network for Digital Commerce

“ONDC will digitize the entire value chain, standardise operations, promote inclusion of suppliers, derive efficiencies in logistics, and enhance value for consumers”
Shri Koshy T

#8 Panel Discussion: Maximizing Value and Returns: Effective spin-offs and divestitures as a strategy

“We are seeing 3 segments, a cookie-cutter template wherein only price matters, another healthy space is limited discovery and the third is an absolute bilateral dialogue”
Amit Soni

#9 Family Office Report

“There has never been a better time to invest in Indian tech”
Dhruv Sehra

#10 Fireside Chat: Family Office Session

“We are at a point where India needs to make up its mind as to where the next wave of economic activity will come from and from where the larger number of sustainable jobs will come”
Sunilkant Munjal

#11 Panel Discussion: Investing in new age businesses รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Perspectives from Indian Family Offices

“Today, the investor community has matured and family offices are more structured. They don’t want to be just seen as an LP. The next decade will belong to India”
Nimesh Kampani

#12 Keynote Address

“Startups are the DNA of the future of India. Don’t make the young children job seekers but job creators”
Shri Piyush Goyal

#13 Fireside Chat: Building Blocks for a Five Trillion Dollar Economy

“The most important element of our resilience in economic growth has been the investment in the infrastructure sector”
Shri K Rajaraman