March 8, 2022

#1 Welcome Address by Renuka Ramnath, Chairperson, IVCA & Founder, MD and CEO, Multiples Alternate Asset Management

“We have had 57 new member additions in 21-22 which is the highest that this industry has witnessed so far. I am sure this funnel is going to keep expanding”
Renuka Ramnath

#2 Keynote Address: Value Accretive Private Capital: Strategies for the Indian Economic Super-Cycle India (CEA)

“The sector is crucial because it hosts very valuable talent more than ever. Self-sufficiency and finding key growth today. A tight flow fiscal policy to 6.4% as announced in the budget is a major trigger for growth”
Sanjay Nayar

#3 Panel Discussion: What are the funds doing to increase diversity within and their portfolio companies

“Entry-level diversity issues are close to 40% reflecting the going on in the industry. This is a sign of progress. Diversity is important for most people & is clearly reflected well in the industry. Gender sensitization is existent, but not enough”
Nupur Garg

#4 Panel Discussion: State of Private Capital in India – The Private Equity Fund Managers Review

“There’s a real disruption that’s happening in India. If we invest sensibly the rewards are actually right. One of the biggest risks at this time is not taking one”
Vishal Mahadevia

#5 Presentation & Report Launch: IVCA – EY PE/VC Agenda – India Trend Book 2022 and IVCA-EY E-commerce and Consumer Internet India Trendbook

“Startups have emerged as the largest deal segment in 2021. Buyouts recorded a sharp rebound in 2021 to reach an all-time high value of USD 22 billion.2021 was a fantastic year for IPOs. We saw certain trends emerging with new-age startups being listed”
Vivek Soni

#6 Presentation: PWC’s CEO Survey

“Key findings: 75 CEOs from India out of 85 countries participating. They perceive 90% growth threatened by risks and decarbonisation as the hottest management topic. Growth will improve considerably in the coming year according to most CEOs”
Dinesh Arora

#7 Panel Discussion: Expert Committee: A paradigm shift in PE/ VC Ecosystem

“I am optimistic that India will find a slightly different road less traveled and find new ways of doing things”
Gopal Srinivasan

#8 Panel Discussion: Real Estate & Affordable Housing Panel

“The PE arm of HDFC is a privilege where we cannot do high-yield investments but mid-category investments. There are investors who are keen to provide big chunks of capital and ready to scale up their commitments into India”
Vipul Roongta

#9 Fireside Chat: Are CVCs in the nature of VC+

“We look at startups from multiple angles and not just from financial returns and investments. We use capital as one of the elements to enhance the partnership, so we bring a lot more than capital”
Sandeep Nagbhushan Aithal

#10 Presentation: VC in India 2022. By Bain & Co.

“The investment outlook for 2022 may remain in line with 2021 potentially because of the availability of depth of the assets in the ecosystem”
Sai Deo

#11 Panel Discussion: The VC perspective on the record fundraising by Indian Startups

“We need a sea change in the investment scenario and work on a fresh canvas to define the next 15 years”
Ankur Pahwa

#12 Closing Address

“The number of unicorns in the conference today was commendable. IVCAhas played a key role in mediating with the Government and we have a lot to look forward to. The trends for unlocking domestic capital are encouraging”
Rema Subramanian