Rajat Tandon



Rajat Tandon is the President of IVCA. He is focused on planning, developing, and implementing IVCA’s regulatory advocacy activities, while also identifying and solutioning ways for members to maximize their membership experience. His goal is to effectively influence regulatory outcomes in support of the alternate asset class.

Previously, Rajat was part of the leadership team at NASSCOM, the Indian IT and ITES/BPO body. In his role as Vice President, Rajat headed NASSCOM’s 10,000 Startups initiative, providing crucial support to technology startups in India. He is passionate about creating value for entrepreneurs, funding partners, and the ecosystem as a whole.

With his early stint as entrepreneur and extensive corporate experience in the IT & Telecom and GIS/Navigable maps, Rajat competently bridges the gap between boardroom expertise and on-the-ground experience. Over the past 25+ years, he has worked in various positions ranging from technical support, sales leadership, service delivery to strategic initiatives at Siemens, Nortel, and Nokia (NAVTEQ).

Rajat also brings with him his extensive network in the startups space, having worked closely with most of the eminent industry leaders. His knowledge of the startup ecosystem, its constituents, successes, opportunities, and challenges run deep. He is also a member of CII National Start-up Council.

A Post-Graduate in Business Management from the Indian Institute of Management Technology (IIMT), Ghaziabad, Rajat also has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Pune University. When not busy with the VC-PE and startup communities, you will find him spending quality time with family or enjoying a game of Golf.